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Trident Group Partners, LLC is a real estate company specializing in Investment Brokerage management of apartments, office, and retail. Trident Group Partners, LLC is dedicated to outperforming expectations of its clients. With over 50 years of combined Real Estate experience, Trident Group Partners has the expertise and knowledge that is required in an ever changing real estate market.


Chesterfield, Mo


Privately Held

Company History

The history of Trident Group Partners, LLC began in 1913 when William A. Federer started Federer Realty Company. This company was a real estate development firm which built over 44 subdivisions and completed millions of dollars of residential brokerage transactions all within the St. Louis area. William was the president of The St. Louis Association of Realtors in 1950. Richard L. Federer, Esq, his son, took over the business in 1967 and continued developing real estate. The focus of the company turned more towards real estate investment, including the brokerage of sale leaseback of many IGA Grocery anchored centers around the country. He also became president of the St. Louis Association of Realtors in 1999. Mr. Federer had 11 children and 65 grandchildren. Three of his sons came into the business, the oldest of them being Theodore (Ted) Federer in 1984 followed shortly thereafter by his two younger brothers. Ted has sat on the board of directors of the St. Louis and the Missouri Association Realtors but currently he focuses on real estate investment brokerage. After 15 years and with the passing of his father, Ted and his brothers decided to form a separate company called Trident Group, LLC. This company’s main focus was real estate investment by using privately place securities to purchase real estate in many different states. It has purchased and sold apartment complexes usually under 150 units, office buildings, retail and warehouse properties. In 2018, Trident Group, LLC changed its name to Trident Group Partners, LLC. to reflect the addition of Ted’s son, Ted T Federer and son in law, Joshua M. Coffman as minority partners.



Contact Information

Trident Group Partners, LLC

17998 Chesterfield Airport Road Suite 200 Chesterfield, MO 63005

 Phone: (636) 449 – 2600  – Fax: (636) 449 – 2606

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